Welcome to Cryptovania: Enter the Storyverse

Cryptovania is an experiment in interactive, decentralized storytelling. Just as DeFi created "money legos," we are creating "story legos." Our decentralized story will be told by the collectors of 10,000 Cryptovania NFTs on Optimism (an Ethereum layer 2.) We call this structure a "storyverse."

Nestled in the heart of the misty mountains of Cryptovania, our storyverse is set in the town Bran. Here, 10,000 humble villagers will have the opportunity to tell their story, confirm the tales that others tell, and risk their lives to confront the evil Vlad Dracula himself.

There are three major places in Bran:

There are also several minor places in town:

  • The Market Square (Quixotic) - where you may trade your cryptovanians.

  • The Old Town Square (Discord & Twitter) - where you converse with fellow cryptovanians.

  • Wizard's Keep (Etherscan Smart Contracts) - where you may study the cryptic runes underneath cryptovania

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